Opening Ceremony of China Potato Expo and China International Potato Summit Forum

June 27,2019  09:30-12:30

Stage area, 11th Hall

Organizer:Agricultural Trade Promotion Center, MARA

Sponsor:Guangda Energy · Potato J


Opening ceremony    


China International Potato Summit Forum                                                                                                                       


Session 1 Industrial Competitiveness Improvement 

Chairman: SONG Juguo, Deputy Director-General of Agricultural Trade Promotion Center,MARA


Development of seed potato and construction of base for improved varieties in China

SUN Haoqin, Deputy Director-General of Department of Seed Industry Administion, MARA


Development of potato industry in the belt and road countries

Rusudan Mdivani, Director of CIP-Asian office


Development of Ulanqab potato industry

Fei Dongfu, Mayor of Ulanqab City, Inner Mongolia


The World Potato Congress: a global voice for Potato

PhD Peter VanderZaag , Director of World Potato Congress; Visiting Professor of Yunnan Normal University; President of Sunrise Potato

11:00 -11:10

Integrated development practice of the potato whole industry chain

Wang Dengshe, Chairman of Snow Valley Agricultural Group


The practice and challenges of global marketing of potatoes

Marc de Beaufort, Director of IWWP, Marketing Consultant of International Potato Center


Session 2 Industrial poverty alleviation and seed industry innovation 

Chairman: SONG Juguo, Deputy Director-General of Agricultural Trade Promotion Center,MARA


Potato industry development and poverty alleviation

Department of Development Planning (Division of Poverty Alleviation),MARA


Climate change and coping strategies of potato industry

Prof. Li Xiuqing, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada


The targeted poverty alleviation model of “North breeding, South planting”

He Qinming,Guangd Enaergy (ShenZhen) Co.,Ltd


The success of Plant Variety Protection and Enforcement

Geert Staring, General director of BREEDERS TRUST Brussels


Establishment and promotion of efficient production mode of “Rice-Rice-Potato” inspired from Guangdong and Heilongjiang cooperation

Liu Kangping, General Manager of Guangdong Yueliang Seed Co., Ltd.