SnowValley Agriculture is a potato industrial chain group with potato seed as the core, modern agricultural service as extension, food processing as the leader, whose business scope covers seed breeding, reproduce, promotion, storage, processing and sales. SnowValley Agriculture was awarded national high-tech technology enterprise and national key leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization. SnowValley Agriculture provides cooperative farmers virus-free seeds, planting solutions, agricultural financing service, and potato sales, promotes new varieties of potatoes to different regions, forming a high-tech agricultural industry platform which combines potatoes new variety breeding, variety and IP (Intellectual Property) commercialization, agricultural data management, agricultural financing service, potato food development and comprehensive processing.

        The group owns 4 seed subsidiaries, 4 planting subsidiaries, 11 large-scale mechanized farms. A Sino-Dutch joint venture potato frozen food processing subsidiary, a convenience community fresh food chain company, a potato industry technology research institute and a provincial enterprise technology center, an agricultural machinery service subsidiary and a subsidiary of providing benefiting services to farmers.

        SnowValley Agriculture has always been aimed at helping potato growers to reduce resource investment and increase planting revenue, providing consumers with safe, healthy, abundant and convenient potato food by breeding new varieties, optimizing seed potato production system, strictly controlling seed quality, centralized procurement of production materials and technology research and service. SnowValley Agriculture is always focusing on helping planters to obtain the maximum yield-increasing potential and gain persistent yield advantages and product competitive advantage, making millions of consumers and families to enjoy the health and happiness of potato food through the construction of raw material farms, continuous product development, strict quality control and all-the-way food traceability。


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